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Akhambaeva Zh., Shaimerdenova S. BY USING EFFECTIVE METHODS INCREASING STUDENT ACTIVITY // Студенческий форум: электрон. научн. журн. 2023. № 34(257). URL: https://nauchforum.ru/journal/stud/257/131203 (дата обращения: 21.07.2024).
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Akhambaeva Zhadra
Master's student of Karaganda University named after Academician E.A.Boketov, Kazakhstan, Karaganda
Shaimerdenova Serikgul
Master's student of Karaganda University named after Academician E.A.Boketov, Kazakhstan, Karaganda
Takuova Zarina Serikovna
научный руководитель, Scientific adviser, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Foreign Languages, of Karaganda University named after Academician E.A.Boketov, Kazakhstan, Karaganda




Шаймерденова Серикгул Айбековна

магистрант Карагандинского университета имени Академика Е.А.Бөкетов, Казахстан, г. Караганда

Ахамбаева Жадра Тлеуғабылқызы

магистрант Карагандинского университета имени Академика Е.А.Бөкетов, Казахстан, г. Караганда

Такуова Зарина Сериковна

научный руководитель, старший преподаватель кафедры иностранных языков Карагандинского университета имени Академика Е.А.Бөкетов, Казахстан, г. Караганда


Аннотация. В статье сделан вывод, что активное участие каждого учителя на уроке, использование эффективных методов, направленных на развитие его мышления, повышает эффективность урока. Считается, что эффективными будут методы интерпретации учителями нового материала, одобрения и интереса посредством видеоматериалов и игр в других частях урока. В заключение мы пришли к выводу, что различные игровые мероприятия, решающие с помощью этих методов любознательные и творческие мыслительные задачи учащихся, поддерживают и повышают интерес детей к изучаемому предмету.

Abstract. In the article, it was concluded that every teacher's active participation in the lesson, using effective methods, aimed at developing their mind, increases the effectiveness of the lesson. It is considered that the methods of teachers' explanation, approval of new material and interesting methods through video materials and games in other parts of the lesson will be effective. In conclusion, we came to the conclusion that various game activities, which solve the inquisitive and creative mental tasks of students through these methods, support and increase children's interest in the subject of study.


Many teachers prepare comprehensively in order to interest children by reading methodical literature, attending classes of other teachers. It works in order to bring the student to some kind of success in learning using various methods. Every teacher has their own idea of ​​a perfect lesson. First, the lesson should be thought out in detail, and students should understand what and why they will do in the lesson. Students should be prepared to receive new material, understand the topic of the lesson, using a problem situation.

In order to be interesting in the lesson, the teacher must emotionally convey his positive charge to the students, thus inspiring their minds to action.

Of course, the task of every teacher is to teach students to think through their subject. In the lesson, each student should be helped several times to correct something that is unclear or misunderstood. [3]

One of the most effective ways to increase students' enthusiasm for the lesson is to properly assess the student's work. Even the most eager and enthusiastic students are eager for vocabulary dictations and tests. The following pedagogic method can be used to get students interested in these small observation works. Each student's success should be celebrated out loud or with gestures. The main purpose of assessment is to stimulate knowledge. The degree of success determines our attitude towards the world, our well-being, our desire to work and learn new things.

Of course, being free from homework is an effective motivational tool. For this, information about the criteria for evaluating the results of topic research should be hung on the stand in advance and you should talk with the students about what to do to free yourself from a difficult test.

In this case A. A. Using the elements of Okunev's lesson effectiveness system allows you to use the principles of visualization, attention and interest in learning, connect theory with practice, use knowledge in special situations, as well as a step-by-step teaching system using the elements of problem-searching creative activity of students, their effective learning. allows to teach the methods of work, introduce creativity. [1]

Another feature of increasing the student's interest in the lesson is to create a psychologically comfortable environment for the students in the lessons. Such methods increase the effectiveness of the lesson, contribute to students' understanding of the educational material and help them not to cause problems during special studies. At any time, you can increase student interest in the following situations. First,

1) I recommend using video materials, which are an effective teaching tool. I use a short video as an epigraph of the lesson, which provides a positive emotional motivation to learn the material. The use of videos when explaining or reinforcing new material is only effective if students actively engage with it. For this, during the presentation of the video, if necessary, clarification and clarification should be given, the passage should be repeated and clarifying questions should be asked.

2) solving experimental problems is an important aspect of developing students' creative abilities. I try to bring the content of experimental tasks as close as possible to real situations.

3) In his work, the teacher should use information technologies of education in explaining new material, conducting experiments, organizing independent work, conducting laboratory work, and monitoring students' knowledge.

4) Should increase children's interest in the subject, provide objectivity in the assessment of students' knowledge, create control work and exam materials.

The main condition for the formation of students' cognitive activity is the content and organization of the lesson. You need to choose the material and think about the methods used in the lesson. One of the methods of revitalizing students' cognitive activity in class is to work with the textbook, which is one of the important sources of information and knowledge for students. This is an effective tool for consolidating the material and increasing mental activity, because the work in the textbook is inevitably connected with the use of the method of comparison, analytical activity of thinking. But working with the textbook in the classroom is episodic, it is better to focus on the development of students' reading comprehension skills, because: "Reading does not mean anything yet; what to read and how to understand the reading - this is the main problem" (K. Ushinsky). [2]

Also, adding elements of didactic games and game moments to the lesson makes the learning process interesting and fun. Raises children's mood, makes it easier to overcome difficulties in mastering learning material. Different game activities that solve this or that mental task support and increase children's interest in academic subjects. Even the most passive children enter the game with great enthusiasm and make every effort not to let their playmates go. Psychologists have long proven that interrelated, logical study of educational subjects is suitable for better mastering of educational material, increasing students; interest in studied subjects, and developing their thinking abilities.

The use of information on other subjects in lessons allows to realize interdisciplinary connections, to increase students; interest, to learn new things, to expand their horizons. In general, qualified personnel are needed to educate students of the country. In this regard, it should be noted that during the implementation of the program for 2016-2019, the number of teaching staff exceeded half a million people. At the same time, despite the massive training of specialists in the field of education every year, the need for teaching staff still remains. Schools, particularly schools in rural areas, need urgent measures to attract and retain qualified teachers. Taking into account that pedagogic professions are often filled with applicants with low scores on the National Unified Test (hereinafter - the National Test), the education system does not contribute to retaining talented teachers. 35% of teachers go to other fields.

However, the salary in the field of education remains one of the lowest in the economy (102,875 thousand tenge, the average salary in the country is 163 thousand tenge), which is a negative factor that inhibits the arrival of qualified personnel.

According to the results of the OECD TALIS-2018 study, 96% of Kazakhstani teachers believe that increasing their salary should be the most important task when increasing the education budget. [4]


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