Tasks for creating special social networks for increasing social activity of higher education

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Gadoeva M.K., Suyarov A.S., Shukurov M.F. Tasks for creating special social networks for increasing social activity of higher education // Студенческий форум: электрон. научн. журн. 2019. № 17(68). URL: https://nauchforum.ru/journal/stud/68/51706 (дата обращения: 07.06.2020).
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Tasks for creating special social networks for increasing social activity of higher education

Gadoeva Muborakkhon Khaiyriddin kizi
student Samarkand institute of economics and service, Uzbekistan, Samarkand
Suyarov Abdulaziz Shokirjon ugli
student Samarkand institute of economics and service, Uzbekistan, Samarkand
Shukurov Muhammadsharif Farrukhovich
student Samarkand institute of economics and service, Uzbekistan, Samarkand


Abstract. This article gives insight into the role and importance of international social networks in raising the level of youth`s social activity.


Keywords: social activity, internet, social networks, international experience, students, an institution of higher education.


At present, increasing development tendency leans on enforcing hi-tech innovations on economic. In all developed countries, innovations take the lead. The most important aspects of innovation are based on the rational use of economic resources and the optimization of human resources. For example, the fact that currently 2.7% of Gross Domestic Product in the Federal Republic of Germany, -2.8% in the USA and 3.5% in Japan is exactly for the development of innovations.

In 2016, 172.3 billion soums of the state budget was allocated for the implementation of scientific and technical programs. In addition, more funds from industrial enterprises are targeted at an innovative activity, and in 2016 this amount was 300 billion soums.

The Internet was created to draw people closer and overcome various communication problems. Today, it has unlimited opportunities. Through the Internet, there is not only the communication function, but also information retrieval, GPS tracking, and even learning opportunities. For example, the emerging international "Distance Learning System" is one of the achievements of internet technology. With this innovation, many people have gained an easy learning experience. GPS monitoring is one of such achievements. With this technology, people can freely control their own car and vehicle.

The level of using the Internet is increasing day by day. Specifically, the level of growth in the last twenty years has been very high. To date, there are about 7.3 billion people living on earth. Of these, 3.17 billion people use the Internet. These figures show that the internet is always rich in users and their number is increasing.

Social activity is a sign of a person's involvement in social activities. At present, for the purpose of enhancing social activity at the universities, various groups, associations, clubs, and additional classes are functioning. Particularly, as an organization supporting students and their social activity and their employment, we can the Youth Union of Uzbekistan. All projects carried out by this organization are aimed at increasing the social activity of young people. With the help of social activism, it can be reached to have love to motherland and responsibility to all works of students. Social activity is carried out through various practical projects. However, in today's world experience, the social activeness of the student increases with the widespread use of technology.

In particular, social activism in the United States is promoted through specific networks and sites. International social networks are a source of social activity. Nowadays, networks such as Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, telegrams, and YouTube are very popular. The number of international Facebook users exceeds 2 billion. The number of international Facebook users is increasing day by day. Because, at present, there are a lot of electronic networks and the audience of them consisted of the active layer of people.

The level of use of social networks is increasing year after year, as internet technology develops, and as the number of people increases, the use of networks also increases. The influence of this instrument has always been high. For marketers, social networking is crucial in developing a strategy and increasing productivity. Students use these networks every day, and now they have to increase their efficiency.

Below you will find various statistics on social networking. Through these indicators, it is possible to find out the role of the Internet in improving student social activity:

  • There are 5.54 pages of people in social networks;
  • On average, everyone spends 116 minutes per day on a social network;
  • 91% of grand brands use 2 or more media channels;
  • 81% of small and medium-sized businesses are using some platforms;
  • Internet users have 7.6 social networks on average;
  • The number of social network users increased from the second quarter till third quarter to 121 million in 2017. This means that every 15 seconds the number of social network users will increase;
  • Facebook messenger and WhatsApp get 60 million messages a day.

There are many popular and popular types of social networks in the world. The following statistics show the popularity of popular social networks:

1) Facebook - 2, 072 billion users;

2) Google+ - 111 million users;

3) Instagram - 800 million users;

4) LinkedIn - 500 million users;

5) Pinterest - 200 million users;

6) Twitter - 330 million users;

7) WhatsApp - 900 million users;

8) YouTube - 1.5 billion users.

The popularity of the Facebook network is the highest in the world. This network has been conquering the world for several years now. Next to YouTube, WhatsApp, Stats, LinkedIn and Twitter. The next interesting facts are devoted to different statistics on the use of private networks:

  • 800 million users use the Instagram network every month. Every day, about 95 million photos will appear on the net, with 4.2 billion likes on average per day. Every Instagram consumes average 15 minutes per day and 90% of users are under 35. Thus, users of Instagram are almost young;
  • YouTube has the capabilities to distribute, watch, and download videos, download a 300-hour video file every minute. Today, people watch the video for about 1 billion hours a day. YouTube is available in 76 languages. This network is also one of the most popular youth networks.
  • Twitter also has a social network of up to 500 million users a month. Currently, there are 1.3 billion accounts, and only 328 million are active. On average, every Twitter user has 707 followers.
  • Facebook is the most widespread social network in the world and is popular with its much functionality. About 500,000 new visitors visit this network every day. The average user spends 35 minutes on the network, and 60 million active pages are on Facebook. This network has always been used as one of the best in the world.

Using Social networks is very effective for students. The above indicators are presented as evidence. The Department of Social Sciences at Harvard University has set up a project that has a Facebook social networking team and a special group among students. What is its purpose? First of all, there are special contests for social sciences. Through these contests, the social sciences are taught more in-depth. Each student is actively involved in the competition, as this is a part of the competition. Frequently free online lessons are provided, where students can easily cover their comments on these online lessons. In addition, the University of California's Technical University hosts a series of brilliant projects. There are Facebook groups in teams. A volunteer program is formed among these groups. That is, cleaning at the university, helping someone, preparing homework and more, students always go online and send a message to the group where they need help. The group is always ready to clean up a place or someone need help to prepare a course. This project is also one of the effective tools for increasing social activity.

In general, the use of Internet networks can more effectively impact students' lives. Of course, the student should be able to benefit and enjoy himself. While the method used by American higher education institutions is being implemented, students also spend time in social networks, spend their leisure time, and have plenty of opportunities to master the most. Facebook and Instagram networks are very effective in Uzbekistan. Their use can be made through the use of various benefits through craving on demand.


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