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Babenko A.A. PROBLEMS OF BUILDING A CAREER FOR YOUNG PEOPLE // Студенческий форум: электрон. научн. журн. 2023. № 6(229). URL: https://nauchforum.ru/journal/stud/229/123754 (дата обращения: 28.02.2024).
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Babenko Alyona Aleksandrovna
Student, Belgorod State National Research University, Russia, Belgorod


Abstract. Modern literature does not have a generally accepted concept of a career. Most often, a career path is defined as a life direction, profession, or as a quick and successful advancement in a professional and separate sphere of a person's life. Some authors define a career as progressive advancement, achieving fame and notoriety, or obtaining real income [3, p. 46].


Keywords: career, career goal, career development, job search.


Career this is the result of a person's conscious position and behavior in the field of work related to official or professional growth [2, p. 147].

In the current difficult economic situation, there are natural, significant and not always positive changes in the labor market, as well as in education, putting young professionals in a clearly disadvantageous situation. For example, with ongoing social and economic changes, mass devastation and lack of human resources, there has been a shortage of specialists with higher education who apply for the positions of management managers, lawyers, psychologists, financiers, economists, etc. In this regard, there are a number of urgent problems in the presence of open questions concerning the career of the younger generation, and the need for their immediate solution. Now there are a sufficient number of programs and courses for personal promotion and career development, but among them there are few studies of the problems that young people face when building a career at the initial stage after graduation from higher education institutions [5, p. 211].

In October 2022, a sociological study was conducted on the topic of the problem of building a career for young people. 103 respondents took part in the survey.

In modern society, a career is considered one of the main components of success and it is important to know what respondents understand by the definition of «career». The majority of young people believe that a career is the achievement of an official status (42.7%) and the achievement of a high social position (34.9%).


Figure 1. Distribution of respondents' answers to the question: «What does a career mean to you?»


The main problems in building a career are the lack of work experience (24.2%), public opinion (13.5%), as well as ignorance of what they want to do (20.3%).


Figure 2. Distribution of respondents' answers to the question: «Indicate what main problems, in your opinion, may arise when building a career?»


Underpayment of wages (33.9%), inappropriate working conditions (18.4%), inconsistency of the actual work schedule (16.5%) are the main discrepancies with which respondents encountered when applying for a job.


Figure 3. Distribution of respondents' answers to the question: «What inconsistencies and deceptions did you encounter when applying for a job?»


The main problems when looking for a job, respondents indicate low wages (49.5%), unsuitable working conditions (13.5%) and lack of work experience (12.6%).


Figure 4. Distribution of respondents' responses to the question: «What problems did you have when looking for a job?»


Young people assume that problems in building a career may arise due to the lack of work experience among graduates (26.2%), their low level of knowledge (20.3), as well as due to the inconsistency of labor and education markets (19.4%).


Figure 5. Distribution of respondents' answers to the question: «Why do you think there are problems when building a career?»


Thus, it can be concluded that young people in the modern world have a career goal, are moving towards building a successful career path and believe that a career is the achievement of official status and a high position in society. On the way up the career ladder, young professionals face deception, injustice and they have difficulties and problems. When building a career, young respondents identified a sufficient number of main problems that in one way or another negatively affect the belief in the possibility of professional growth. This study made it clear that young people are ambitious, aim to get a high position and good earnings and strive for power. The process of building a career is complex, multifaceted and requires a lot of time and effort from young people. Increasingly, the stereotypical and well-established thinking of employers that graduates without work experience do not know how to do anything and are not suitable for the position is being overshadowed. Therefore, it is important to provide social support for graduates by softening the hiring criteria for them or by providing a flexible work schedule for those who are still studying. The possibility of employment even without work experience is an important step towards supporting the younger generation.


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